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Memories of that night plague you.

If only you could forget the smell of his hands.

The way the cement felt as he pushed down.

You still feel the tears going down your cheek as if it were happening now.

No one was there to help, and you can’t shake the feeling of helplessness.

You jump every time you hear a noise.

You feel like a scared rabbit.

Always on edge, you can never let your guard down.

You can’t relax, so you’ve stopped going out and seeing friends.

You’re not sleeping. Even with the deadbolt and three locks, you don’t feel safe.

Unlock your body’s innate healing ability with EMDR.

EMDR therapy harnesses the healing power of your mind through gentle bilateral stimulation.

This allows you to release the grip of trauma from your memories and empower you again.

EMDR is one of the most effective techniques for healing after a traumatic event ever discovered.

In a supportive environment, you’ll finally process the traumatic memories.

Rewire your brain’s response.

The results of EMDR are fast and incredibly effective.

  • Alleviate your anxiety.
  • Promote healing in your nervous system.
  • Build resilience and confidence.
  • Experience less anger and emotional reactivity.
  • Sleep deeply again.
  • Experience a sense of well-being.

Reclaim your life.

You don’t have to keep living this way.

EMDR can help, and you can experience immediate relief.

What happened does not need to define you.

Take back your life.

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