This therapy comes from the Osteopathic tradition. Treatment will often center around the spine and cranium. The touch is light with long holds. The therapist is feeling the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid and slowing down the rhythm. This modality can be profoundly relaxing and is often used for injuries related to the spine, as well as headaches and TMJ. People experiencing stress may also benefit from this restorative treatment.


A variety of techniques that are used for therapeutic reasons such as relaxing a contracted muscle, or breaking up adhesions in the tissue. Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, postural assessment, deep linear friction, crossfiber, and stretching may all be utilized in a session. This is often used for specific injuries or parts of the body.

Phenomenal Touch

This is the most amazing massage you have ever experienced. Imagine being embraced by ocean waves and feeling full body long strokes caressing your tension away. This is a blend of deep tissue, Traeger work, Thai massage, and Lomi Lomi. Technique feels very luxurious and relaxing. Stretches and movement are used to unlock tension in body, instead of pressure.


This modality comes from Chinese Medicine. These points are all along the body within different meridians. Each meridian and acupressure point affects the body, mind, and spirit differently. Tsubo points can be applied in a lighter touch, as used in Jin Shin Do, or firmer like in Shiatsu.  Sessions are grounding, relieve tension, and balance Chi.