Nervous System Reset Path

This is for the client who is looking for holistic transformation. At the end of this 10 series, clients will have a greater sense of self. You will feel more centered, relaxed, and at peace.
The 10 series will be any combination of the following :
What modalities will be present as part of the package?
Work will be centered around Polarity therapy, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda.
What style of counseling can I expect?
Mindfulness body psychotherapy is influenced by my studies in Hakomi, Sensorimotor and Gestalt therapy.
What kind of body-work is it? Is it massage?
The bodywork component will be any clothes on modalities; such as Cranio Sacral therapy, Polarity Therapy, and Acupressure. In these modalities the body is often known to mirror our emotions. When we explore certain body postures or sore muscles, we become aware of our defenses and strategies that we use to feel safe. These bodywork modalities work with the nervous system as well as energetic meridian systems which correspond to the body through meridians and Chakras to help us express and balance our emotions. This is not massage, such as a traditional Swedish massage with oil and the client unclothed. These bodywork modalities are a blend of pressure, mostly lighter and more subtle. They tend to feel energetic and can put clients into a deep restful state where the body and memories start to unwind.
What kind of movement takes place in the sessions?

Movement sessions include yoga, Qi Gong, and dance. Client will learn how to explore their body in movement. How does the body yearn to move? What happens when we explore ourselves in contraction and expansion. Can you let go? How is it to be seen, and what stories do you have about yourself and your body? Learn to be truly embodied.
From what perspective does the nutritional counseling come from? Is this a way for me to lose weight or get in shape?
Nutritional counseling comes from a Classical Chinese Medicine Perspective which focuses on the 5 elements. Emphasis will be on coming back to balance. Food will be looked at for its healing and energetic properties. Client will learn how to eat to balance their constitution. Weight loss may happen from increasing awareness and looking at food as a vehicle for health and balance, but it is not the objective.
Why is it important for all these kinds of practices to be packaged together? How does it benefit me as a client?
Polarity Therapy traditionally brings these four components together. Wholeness and wellness include body-mind integration. When we explore parts of our body that are held and contracted, we can explore in mindfulness why we hold them this way, and what it was like when we first learned this. The body captures our experiences and memories in our nervous system and tissue. As we work with our body with movement, touch, and awareness we unlock this subconscious material and can bring it to the surface. 
How much does it cost?
Price is $1200 for the package, which gives a $300 discount from 10 single sessions. It is recommended that client bring a theme or problem they would like to explore during the 10 sessions.