It Feels Like Your Head Is About to Explode!

You need More than Talk Therapy

Somatic Therapy in Austin, Texas

Lying in bed with your “to-do” list anxiously spinning through your mind

Yet another meeting that could’ve just been an email.

Everyone is looking to you to put out the fires.

The responsibilities don’t end there. At home, you’re juggling school drop-offs and pickups.

Your youngest is in tears because their last-minute science project got wet and is melting into the carpet.

Nothing ever feels “good enough.”

Others around seem to operate through life so smoothly.

You resent your friends who only worry about what spin class to take.

While your life is anything but smooth.

You’re burned out. Dinners, laundry, groceries, the list is endless … and you’re alone.

Sometimes you need more than Talk therapy.

I’ve been doing bodywork for 15 years and became interested in these unique modalities for their healing capacity.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy provides a calming space where you are literally supported.

By holding your sacrum and behind your skull, we’ll help you rediscover your alignment.

Acupressure and Polarity Therapy incorporate your meridians or energy fields.

These relate to the five elements in your body as we rebalance your emotions and use these elemental energies.

Your body tells your story.

As we promote relaxation in your body, you’ll reduce muscle tension and release endorphins.

This lowers stress hormones like cortisol while increasing serotonin and dopamine so you feel relaxed and happy.

As your body heals, you’ll begin to move and feel differently.

Experience increased confidence and self-esteem as you radiate vibrant health.

You deserve to heal.

You don’t have to feel burnt out and depressed.

Life is not supposed to feel this hard.

Let those things go, and feel calm, relaxed, and safe.

Let your body heal. Let it sing and dance. Your story is just beginning.

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