It should never have happened.

You’ve been hurt… abused.

The memories are burned into your brain.

You can’t escape your self-judgment about what happened and what it means about you. It’s confusing.

And then there’s the rage that’s so bottled up you could spit fire.

The flashbacks, the tossing and turning at night… it’s starting to take a toll on your physical and mental health.

1109723711We’re going to take a body-based approach…

It’s the best way because healing trauma requires healing the connection between your mind, body, and emotions.

Let’s dive deeper into how this “somatic approach” will build your resilience and overall well-being:

Body awareness…

Trauma is stored in our minds AND our bodies. Somatic psychotherapy helps you develop an awareness of your body – the sensations, tensions, and patterns associated with trauma. That awareness can provide valuable information and facilitate the processing and release of traumatic experiences.

Regulation and grounding…

Trauma often disrupts the nervous system, leading to states of hypo and hyperarousal. Somatic techniques like breathwork, grounding exercises, and movement can help regulate the nervous system, bringing a sense of safety and stability. This promotes a foundation of calmness and resilience necessary for trauma processing.

Non-verbal expression…

Trauma can be challenging to articulate verbally, as it is often stored in implicit or preverbal memory. Somatic psychotherapy offers alternative ways of expressing and processing trauma through movement, gestures, postures, and other non-verbal forms. This allows for a deeper exploration and integration of traumatic experiences beyond traditional talk therapy.

Resourcing and empowerment…

Somatic approaches emphasize building internal resources to empower you on your healing journey. By connecting with and nurturing your inner strength, resilience, and capacity for self-regulation, you can develop a greater sense of agency, safety, and self-compassion. This helps counterbalance the impact of trauma and supports long-term healing.

Integration and embodiment…

Somatic psychotherapy aims to integrate fragmented aspects of self that may have been dissociated or disconnected due to trauma. Through somatic interventions, you can learn to reconnect with your body, emotions, and present-moment experiences. This integration fosters a sense of wholeness, embodiment, and a renewed capacity to engage in life fully.

You deserve to live a life free from the shackles of trauma.

It’s time to break from the past and embrace a future filled with hope and possibility.

Take that courageous step today and contact me at (512) 522-5803 for a free 15-minute consultation.

Together, we can navigate the path to healing and create a brighter tomorrow.